Old York Flags in North Yorkshire...

Old York flags still remain as popular as ever. They come in a variety of thicknesses starting at around 2" up to approx 4" with random widths and lengths. Rossendale Flags are originally from Lancashire. Traditonal Rossendales have a more sawn finish and are much thicker than Old
York Flags. Average thickness from 4" to 6" with random widths and lengths.


york stone flags   York Stone Flags

Reclaimed York Stone Flags, the majority of these are old
street flags from reclamation jobs around Yorkshire.

Sold as random x randoms.

rossendale flags   Rossendale Flags

Reclaimed Rossendale Flags. These are street and yard flags
from Lancashire, much thicker than the Old York Flags.

old york flags   Old York Flags

A few of our current range of Old York Flag.

    The obvious use for flags is paving either in or outside, but they can have
other uses. Fire Hearths and wall top coping are also popular. The range
of flags we keep is constantly changing, if you are interested in either the
Rossendales or the Old York Flags please call the office and arrange
to come up and have a look at our current stock.


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Dringstone provide an
excellent service with a
great range of products
to choose from. The old
york flags we selected
are perfect.....

Mr Robinson : Pickering


We decided to replace
our paving outside and
Dringstone were very
helpful in our choice
of Rossendale.....

Mrs Smith : Helmsley

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